Twin Cheese Dip


·        ¾ pound (12 ounces) sharp Cheddar cheese

·        1 package (4 ounces) Roquefort cheese, crumbled

·        1 clove garlic

·        ¾ cup Coca-Cola, divided

·        2 TBSP soft margarine

·        1 TBSP grated onion

·        1 ½ TSP Worcestershire sauce

·        1 TSP dry mustard

·        ¼ TSP salt

·        1/8 TSP hot pepper sauce


GRATE Cheddar cheese into large mixing bowl. Add crumbled Roquefort. Put garlic through press; add to cheeses with ½ cup Coca-Cola and remaining ingredients.

PLACE mixture in food processor; pulse until combined. Gradually add remaining Coca-Cola, then process until mixture is fairly smooth, light and fluffy. Pack into covered container. Chill. Best if refrigerated overnight.

TIP! This dip keeps very well for a week or more.

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