The Avery Foundation

The Avery Foundation was established in memory of the founder's brother and sister, who passed away from cancer. We understand firsthand how a cancer diagnosis can impact a family. With your help, we can be a rainbow in a cancer patient's stormy clouds.

Cancer treatments are some of the biggest out-of-pocket expenses that patients pay. However, travel to and from treatment centers can take a bite out of cancer patients' savings. The Avery Foundation uses generous donations to help alleviate that financial burden.

The Dubuque, IA-based non-profit organization provides grants to cancer patients throughout the tri-state area. Generous donations from donors just like you help families pay for...

·       Gas – especially when traveling to treatment centers out of town

·       Lodging, including extended hotel stays

·       Meals for the whole family

Like other cancer charities in the Dubuque, IA area, the Avery Foundation depends on the generous support of donors to provide financial help for cancer patients. We're fortunate to be working with many individuals and organizations who believe in our cause.

In 2018,the Avery Foundation raised enough money to award 17 grants to cancer patients and their families in the tri-state area. These grants provided money fortravel expenses, food and lodging.

With your continued support, the Avery Foundation can award even more grants in the years to come. If you're eager to get involved with local cancer charities, donate to the Avery Foundation today.


Atlantic Bottling Company is a proud partner of the Avery Foundation.

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