Spring Things To Do

Ten Different Spring Things To Do

It is finally time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Spring is a season that we actively look forward to, especially here in Iowa. Melting snow and sunshine promises that some warmer days with an ice-cold Coca-Cola are coming!

We went around the office and gathered some ideas on what you can do by yourself or with your family this spring.

1. Bike to Restaurant and Sit on their Patio

If you are in Des Moines, a great outdoor spot is The Chicken Orilla. Perfect for outdoor dining or a refreshing Coca-Cola in the summer.

2. Go to the Lake on the weekend

Either find someone with a lake house, or take a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather, the ducks (or geese), and breathe in some fresh air.

3. Play Basketball

Get your hoops on! It has probably been way too long since you had a pick-up game with your buddies.

4. Open the Windows

When the sun is shining, get the air moving inside! Fresh air inside helps with any musty smells that might have accumulated over winter.

5. Research the Best Ice Cream Stops in the State

Ice Cream is the path to many hearts. There are lots of amazing, locally owned Ice Cream Shops around Iowa!

Here are a few of our favorites:

·        Dan & Debbie’s Creamery in Ely, Iowa

·        Almost Famous Popcorn Company in Cedar Rapids or East Village Des Moines

·        Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in Le Mars

·        Whitey’s Ice Cream in Davenport

·        Central Standard in Waukee

·        Cookies, Etc. in Ames or Clear Lake

6. Sit in a Hammock

If you do not have a hammock yet, now is the time to get one! Head to a local park to set yours up or purchase one that is self-standing to keep on your porch.

7. Plant Flowers or a Garden

We are pretty sure it is proven that planting and getting your hands dirty with dirt makes you happier. Almost as happy as drinking an Ice-Cold Coca-Cola. 😊 If you do not have a patio or an outdoor spot, consider purchasing some succulents to put along your windows!

8. Clean Up the Yard & Garage

Before you let the kids outside in the backyard, it is probably best to put a hazmat suit on and pick up the non-so-frozen-anymore dog feces. It is also a good idea to sweep up your garage from all the ice-melt that you’ve tracked in over the last four months!

9. Find a Trail to Walk the Dog

Walking the dog does not have to be a boring loop around the neighborhood! Check out the local parks that you can venture out on – but since they will be muddy, it is a good idea to take some hiking shoes or stick to the pavement.

10. Have Breakfast on the Grill!

If you have not had breakfast on the grill yet, just remember to thank us later. The order of grilling is important, so things don’t get cold:

1.     Use a wide frying pan if you have a traditional grill. You will want a pan, so the food does not fall through to the burners.

2.     Fry up the potatoes! The easiest is to grab a bag of frozen hash browns, melt some butter on the fry pan, and cook these up. You’ll want to keep these on the grill as you’re frying bacon, so they stay warm. Consider moving them to the rack above to keep warm.

3.     BACON TIME! Use a pair of tongs to flip the bacon as you cook it.

4.     Eggs! Drop the eggs right into the bacon grease. You’ll want to turn down the heat for this part, so you don’t get splashed with grease. Flip the eggs over and place them on a plate for serving.

5.     Serve everything with a fresh glass of Minute Maid Orange Juice and a piece of toast.

Like we said, thank us later 😉

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