Coca-Cola Campus Ambassadors - Here In Iowa

There are many folks who are addicted to Coca-Cola, whether it be a Coca-Cola vintage / antique collector, an ‘I-Drink-A-Coke-Product-Every-Day' person, or someone who works for Coca-Cola...but you haven’t met a more passionate Coca-Cola fan until you’ve met a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador.  

It’s not just the ‘free swag’ that they receive from the company, there’s a deeper love for Coca-Cola.  

According to two Coca-Cola Campus ambassadors from California, Ryan (UCLA) and Fransisco (California State University Long Beach), these are reasons why they are so passionate about their ambassadorship:

It’s working for the biggest company there is, as Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands worldwide

Coca-Cola is one of the top recognized logos in the world, which makes working for them a big accomplishment.  

While being an ambassador is an opportunity for only exclusive Coca-Cola colleges and universities, Campus Ambassadors to build brand love, strive to increase Coca-Cola sales, and work closely with initiatives that The Company is carrying out, such as recycling, diversity or inclusion.  

Therefore, Coca-Cola Campus Ambassadors are often referred as “the Coke guy” or “the Coke girl” on their campuses, because they are the go-to Coca-Cola expert. This ‘title’ is taken very seriously – and it is held by the most deserving students.  

Company allows you to speak up and share your point of view

With being an organization of over 150 Campus Ambassadors, The Coca-Cola Company listens.  

As college students are the ‘next generation,’ ideas and questions are always welcomed.

With multiple avenues of communication, by utilizing Slack, GroupMe, and monthly webinars, campus ambassadors feel as if they are all on the same page, and if they have questions then they can ask at any time.  

Throughout the webinars, ambassadors are encouraged to ask questions. The Fall of 2019 prompted a few questions about custom branded The Company held a competition for the ambassadors, with a winning Levi’s Jean Jacket designed by Clarence from Indiana University.  

Feeling of belonging to a community of great peers

A team of 150 is a rather large number... imagine having that many on your team!  

Every summer the management of Campus Ambassadors holds a Summer Training – and every Campus Ambassador is required to attend. During this four-day trip to Atlanta, Georgia, ambassadors see the inside and out of Coca-Cola Headquarters, The World of Coke Museum, and get to participate in TopGolf.  

By selecting the ‘best of the best’ for each ambassador position, Summer Training is a time for each ambassador to get to know the others, network with top Coca-Cola executives, and learn about The Coca-Cola Company’s values.

Summer training is the best way to grow relationships with others from around the United States. Then there’s the opportunity for connecting on social media, so throughout the school year they can stay connected.  

“My favorite part was feeling a part of a community of people who truly want the best for you and your success! It felt like one big family and I felt so proud to be a part of it.” --Ryan from UCLA

As Atlantic Bottling Company, we are proud to say that within our territory we have three Coca-Cola Campus Ambassadors who are living their dream representing such an incredible brand – at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa.  

We are able to support these ambassadors throughout the year as our thanks for being a direct connection to college students on campus.  

Thank you – to all Campus Ambassadors here in Iowa and across the country.

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