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Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company is a privately owned, independent bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola products for southwest, central and south central Iowa. The company operates from two Iowa locations: its headquarters in Atlantic and a second facility in Waukee.

Frank P. "Perk" Tyler began an ice cream and ice business in Villisca, Iowa around 1905. In 1909 he sold the business to sons Royal, Harry, and Henry Tyler who, in 1915, expanded by producing soda named "Tyler's Flavors."

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Sales were so strong that the brothers acquired a creamery in Clarinda, Iowa. In the creamery's safe they found a franchise contract for Coca-Cola. The Tylers had heard of this product and its success elsewhere, but Iowans weren't familiar with it. The Tylers began making Coca-Cola, adding a few bottles to the cases of Tyler's Flavors. In no time, Iowans were requesting more Coke.

In 1923 Royal sold his interest to Harry and Henry, who continued expanding the business by purchasing four additional bottling companies in Shenandoah, Atlantic, Creston, Iowa and Grand Island, Nebraska. In 1929 they acquired the franchise rights for Atlantic to bottle and distribute Coca-Cola.

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By 1930 the Tyler Brothers had sold their ice cream business and concentrated fully on soft drinks. In 1949, Harry and Henry divided their business by drawing straws. Harry got Atlantic and Creston; Henry got Shenandoah and Grand Island.

Harry's son Jim was managing the company by 1958, when served customers in a 60-mile radius of Atlantic with Coca-Cola, 7-Up and Tyler's Flavors products. The company had 16 employees then; ten years later there were 40 employees and the company had added Squirt, Dr. Pepper, Frostie Root Beer, Tab and Like to its lineup.

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des moines plant atlantic coca-cola bottling

On April 1, 1975, Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling purchased the Des Moines area Coca-Cola franchise, and burgeoned the brand's presence and popularity. This was accomplished in large part due to Jim's son, Kirk Tyler, who was placed in charge of sales for the company in 1981.

By the late 1980s, the growth of Coca-Cola in Des Moines required more space than the Tyler's existing facility could hold,and in 1989 the Des Moines operation moved into its warehouse and sales center on Hickman Road in Waukee. In 1991 Kirk Tyler was named President of Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and Jim became Chairman of the Board of of Directors.

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jim kirk 1991 atlantic bottling

Three generations of the Tyler family have built and continue to expand on "delivering the refreshment" of Coca-Cola and related products to customers throughout the Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company's franchise territories.

Our Territories

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Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company Departments

  • Cold Drink Equipment Service
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Distribution
  • Empty Container Recycling
  • Equipment Refurbishing
  • Finance and Administration
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