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    Valentine's Day Treats & Activities - Coca-Cola Candy Bottles

    Coca-Cola Valentine's Bottles Filled with Candy

    These Valentine's are a unique and easy craft for the whole family!

    "Being a family means you are apart of something very wonderful. It means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life." Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company thanks you for being apart of our family! We would love to emphasize the importance of family by encouraging you to bring your family together this Valentine's Day and spend time appreciating your love for one another.


    • Coca-Cola Bottle
    • Ribbon
    • Candy (to fill bottles)
    • Hot glue, glue, tape, etc.
    • Any other decoration materials you and your family might like to decorate with


    1. Empty out your Coca-Cola bottles, (if they aren't already empty) preferably by drinking them. Remove the label and wash off and residue on the outside. Then, wash the bottles out with hot water and soap and make sure they are completely dry on the inside.
    2. Decorate! However you choose! As shown above, two pieces of ribbon were used. One around where the label sat, and one around the top.
    3. In this model, there is also a card strung by the top ribbon. To do that, create or buy a card, punch a hole in the top corner of the card. String the ribbon through the hole and tie around the bottle.
    4. Once your bottle is completely decorated how you like, fill it with the assorted candy you chose!

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