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    Valentine's Day Treats & Activites - Coca-Cola Candy Bouquet

    Coca-Cola Candy Bouquet

    "Being a family means you are apart of something very wonderful. It means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life." Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company thanks you for being apart of our family! We would love to emphasize the importance of family by encouraging you to bring your family together this Valentine's Day and spend time appreciating your love for one another.

    You can find all these supplies at your local retail store, the cost per bouquet would be about $5 each.


    1. To make the base for the bouquet start by cutting the foam balls in half.
    2. Wrap the cut balls in paper so the foam will be covered. Cut open a printed bag and wrapping the half ball with it like a present.
    3. Use a ribbon to tie the wrapped half ball on top of the unopened soda can TIGHTLY. Do two sets of ribbon ties so that the half ball won't slip off one side or the other. (By attaching the bouquet base this way, the recipient can actually get to the top of the soda can to drink it by cutting the ribbons on the side of the can and taking off the bouquet.)
    4. For a little added protection, glue the ribbons to the bottom of the can on the bottom rim and on the edge of the can where the color starts. Your half ball base needs to be secure or it might fall off when the candy is added.

    5. To add height to the individual candy and gum, plastic picks were glued and taped onto the treats. In the kitchen area of Dollar Tree, these plastic picks with hearts on the end. These chubbier picks are from the cupcake paper kits.
    6. The attaching of the candy to the picks is not the fun part of the project. Because the glue would be close to the edible items, use a glue that would not possibly melt the wrapper or have chemicals that might leech into the candy, etc. The Dollar Tree while glue in the office supply section said "non-toxic".

    7. First, glue the pick onto the candy wrapper and then add a piece of CLEAR tape on top of that. Neither the glue nor tape alone hold quite as well as both together. If you have to choose one or the other, the tape is better.
    8. If you purchase candy that doesn’t fit your color scheme, cover them with the cute sack paper and tied with a ribbon.
    9. Start with the largest items. Because this is a "soda" bouquet, add a crazy straw for fun.
    10. After the larger pieces are in the foam, start adding the smaller candy to fill in blank spots. Push the candies in by putting pressure on the pick and not by the candy itself.
    11. After you give each bouquet its "share" of the candy, you might still have some blank spots. Since the foam is covered, it really doesn't look bad.

    Extra: you don't have to add these frills...but they are cute.

    1. Start by making the wrapper flat and then folding in half
    2. Fold it in half again
    3. Fold that in half again
    4. Fold about 1/2" of the pointed tip sideways and add a dollop of hot glue to the outside surface of the tip
    5. Push the wrapper with the hot glue end down at a blank space to attach it to the foam base.
    6. Depending on how large of a blank space you are trying to cover, you may want more than one of these frills in a space.
    7. If you want some of your frills higher than others, you can tape them onto toothpicks then stick the toothpick into the foam at the height you want.

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