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    Coca-Cola Slushie Recipe

    An easy treat the kids will love!

    Serves: 2


    • 3 cups of Coca-Cola {or two 12 oz. cans}
    • 8 Ice Cubes


    1. Pour 1.5 cups {or one 12 oz. can} of Coca-Cola into a shallow freezer-friendly dish and place in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours – must be completely frozen.
    2. Place remainder of Coca-Cola in refrigerator to chill.
    3. Once Coke in the dish has frozen, scoop out of dish and transfer to a blender.
    4. Then pour in 1.5 cups {or one 12 oz. can} of chilled Coke from the refrigerator to blender + 8 ice cubes.
    5. Blend until well combined, and transfer to Cute Mason Jars, and serve with a spoon or straw! ENJOY!

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